The basics of wine

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What is a wine?

Wine is a beverage that is made from fermented is alcoholic. It is made from grapes and yeast. Different varieties of grapes and yeast produce different types of wine. Yeast converts the sugar in the grapes into ethanol, heat and carbon dioxide by consuming it. Grapes from which the wine is made are small, sweet, contain seeds and have thick skin. There are over 1300 varieties of grapes that are used for the commercial wine production but only a hundred varieties make around 75 percent of the world vineyards.

The Taste of Wine

The flavor of the wine is unique and the facets the help in making its taste unique are sweetness, acidity, tannin, alcohol and aroma compounds that are produced in fermentation.

Acidity: Wine lies on the acidic side of the pH scale ranging from 2.5 (that is lemon) to as 4.5 (that is…

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What things to look while buying wine decanter online

The wine has always been an essential part of the making of an exquisite and classic dinner. Importance of a good wine is sure known by the people around the world and most importantly old wine is particularly preferred because of the taste it has developed. The idea of serving wine has always filled with excitement especially if it is an outdoor dinner.

Decanting is a process of serving the wine in a different vessel to enhance the essence and the quality flavor of the wine. As a young person, decanting may seem like an extra thing to go for but as one starts discovering the tastes and the quality levels of the wine after and before decanting, a huge difference is easily visible.

Decanting the wine actually does change the taste much as it has two unique purposes behind it.

  • Separating sediments.

The two above mentioned processes make the wine pretty much flavored. If the sediments are not removed from the wine they develop a pretty much different taste that is a little bitter. Aeration brings a life to the wine because of adding oxygen, the particles of wine get a good taste. Decanters are an important part of wine. I say that a good decanting can make every wine taste like a royal wine. There are many different types of decanters available and people have many different types of favorites but in the end, it doesn’t matter the type of decanter you are using but the taste is literally developed and changed.

There are two types of prestige decanters mainly used:

  • Wide neck decanters
  • Thin neck decanters

Following are some of the features that are must to keep in mind while buying different decanters online.

  1. The topmost quality to consider while buying decanters is the size of the decanter. Size considerations come with the surface area the decanter provides to the wine. Decanters design are such a way so that a wider area is given to the wine so that a lot of oxygen get to mix with the wine. The second consideration with the surface area is that the poring of the wine in the decanter is easy and its design is not such that the wine drips out of the decanter.
  2. The material of the decanter also matters as most of the decanters are glass made but some of the decanters made from other materials add a different flavor to the mine, but people prefer the high-quality glass decanters to get a fine taste.
  3. The third point to consider is the ease of cleaning. The decanter that you are choosing must be easy to clean. Instead of using the typical soap in the kitchen to wash the decanters is not a good idea. As if the soap is not properly washed than it would make the wine feel different in taste.
  4. The decanter should be such that it is easy to pour the wine into other containers. Some of the decanters that have a wide surface area or wide mouths have the disadvantage that wine can be dripped while poring so the decanter should be such that it is easy to pour wine in other containers.
  5. The last thing is the look of the decanter. Many high-enddecanters are usually very stunning and are made to attract the people. The decanter can be purely functional or it can be a little fancy looking. So choose such a decanter that is serving both the purposes that is a work of art and a functional decanter.

Decanting is done for a long time and is considered as adding a magic to the wine taste. So the above tips will really be helpful for you to get a good decanter and a startup for you to be a good decanter.